jill at jems design lafayette indiana is your local color consulting expert for the interior and exterior of your home

Color Consulting

Color Your World

You may or may not realize the effect that color has on one’s psyche. Introducing or taking away a single color could have an immense impact on the feeling of a room. From calm, cool blues to warm, vibrant reds, the road to self-expression is paved with color swatches!

There’s no need to play it safe and stick to neutral colors if you’d like something with more flair. Jill has the know-how to deck out your space in a color palette that’s uniquely you—without hurting the eyes of your houseguests! Don’t be afraid of color! JEMS Design of Lafayette Indiana can show you how to wield color with joy and finesse. We can give you color advice on interior and exterior projects.

jill with jems design lafayette indiana is a certified color expert

Picking a Color Scheme

Jill can help you select and carry out a unique color palette to give your space a single, cohesive look that you’ll love for years to come. Or if you like to occasionally switch things up, perhaps you’d like to create different looks for different seasons—a cool color palette for a relaxing summer look, and warm colors to liven up the fall and winter months!

It’s all up to you! Whatever new look you decide on, JEMS Design will be there to help you bring it together.

Our Color Consulting Process

Ready to "Color Perfect" your Home!

Pre-appointment Phone Call

We start with a phone call to talk about your space/home, sensitivity to color, and your design style. We will also discuss the consultation fee.

Set Up Appointment

We then set up an appointment with your pre-paid consultation fee.

Choosing a Color Palette

During our appointment, we will first select the white/off white to use for the trim work and ceiling. Based on your choice, we'll then select your neutrals. Once we have those basics covered, we can talk about color, creating the perfect color palette to bring your space together. You will be given some larger sample to keep in your home to try out for a few days.

Accepting Our Recommendation

Once you've accepted the color palette you'd like to use, you will receive a full report of each and every surface to be painted for your painter to follow. You and your painter are always free to call Jill with any questions regarding the report.

Note: Color can be complicated and painters are expensive, so getting your color palette sorted out by a color consultant is a great way to ensure that no mistakes are made.